14 August 2016

Chery Arrizo 5 is Gloriously Launched in Shiraz International Auto Show


On Jul.12 Iran time, the fifth Shiraz International Auto Show was officially held in Shiraz, the historic and cultural city of Iran, and more than 30 automobile brands from around the world participated in the show with over 200 vehicles.

Chery grandly launched Arrizo 5 on the opening day, which is the third stop for the global launch of Arrizo 5 after Chile and China.

During the event, HE Xiaoqing, GM of Chery International Company, ZHANG Guibing, Deputy GM of Chery International Company and GM of Chery & MVM joint venture, Iran government, media representatives and dealers all attended and witnessed the spectacle.

As the first global strategic model based on Chery strategy 2.0 technology platform, Arrizo 5 has been highly recognized and praised by the industry and consumers ever since its launch in China.

It jumped to second in China’s A-segment car market rankings within only two months with monthly sales of over 10,000 units.

With the grand launch of Arrizo 5 in Iran market, the product launch plan of Chery & MVM joint venture also officially kicked off.

In 2016, Chery plans to launch 4 new models in Iran, including Arrizo 5, New Tiggo 5, New Tiggo 3 and a brand new SUV model internally named A13T.

This time, Arrizo 5 takes the lead to be launched as the forefront, which will lay a solid foundation for other models marching into Iran market.

During the event, technology, dynamic and cool factors filled in each corner.

The irregular and creative and capacious exhibition interior and streamlined booth ornament offered the guests a spectacular sensation of technology and fashion in the crisscross of light and shadow. And the audience was completely impressed by the brand new vigorous and dynamic high-performance Arrizo 5 when it appeared with stunning look and intelligent technology configuration.

During the launch conference, GM of Chery International Company HE Xiaoqing said that as one of the most significant strategic market of Chery, through 12 years of hard working, Chery & MVM joint venture has become the largest foreign automaker and third largest automaker in Iran only after IKCO and SAIPA, and had more than 150 sales and after sales service networks, covering the whole territory of Iran.

By the end of 2015, Chery’s car ownership in Iran reaches almost 200,000 units, accounting for more than half of export of Chinese passenger vehicle to Iran, ranking top among all foreign brands.

With gradual economic recovery of Iran, we will see great market potential on Iran auto market.

Chery will firmly seize the development opportunity without hesitation, and will provide better products and services to Iranian consumers. In addition, on the basis of the 60,000-unit production capacity, Chery is going to carry out the second phase project, which will increase 100,000 units finished automobile and parts & components assembly.

We are full of confidence in our development in Iran in the future, and our determination to expand Iran market is firm and unshakable.

GM of Chery & MVM joint venture ZHANG Guibing also said that as Chery's second model and the first sedan car, Arrizo 5 represented the latest R&D level of Chery, the dynamic and high-tech product features were also exclusively created for young people pursuing high quality life.

Shiraz is well known in the world for rose, nightingale city and hometown of poets, and is hometown of famous poets Sa'di and Hafez.

Besides it has the attractions of Persepolis representing Iran’s brilliant history.

Shiraz is a city full of vigor, and its young and stylish city image is identical with the positioning features of Arrizo 5.

Based on the five-star CNCAP safety design, Arrizo 5, inherited family H.D.S streamlined and dynamic body design language, featured dynamic appearance, super five-star safety configuration, power handling full of driving fun, comfortable and quiet large space and intelligent technology configuration.

As the lunch of Arrizo 5 in Iran market, we believe to bring up outstanding product quality experience to Iranian consumers with more driving fun.

The launch of Arrizo 5 on the Iran market will further enrich Chery’s product line in Iran, and will speed up increasing Chery’s comprehensive competitiveness in the local market.

We have reasons to believe that Arrizo 5 will definitely create a youth and fashion storm in Iran market relying on dynamic and stylish appearance, rich technology configuration as well as competitive after sales policy.


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