29 December 2016

Chery sponsors Argentina National Derby, expands brand global awareness

Beijing Time 12th December, 2016, A.M. (Argentina Time, 11th December, 2016, P.M.), “Argentina Primera Division” - Boca Juniors VS River Plate National Derby was kicked off in the Buenos Aires Memorial Stadium, with Chery being one of its main sponsors. The Primera Division between Argentina’s two famous soccer teams has attracted extensive attention, and also has increased the Chery’s brand exposure and enhanced the Chery’s brand popularity. Such sponsorship was a great marketing initiative after Chery Tiggo 5 was launched in Argentina on Thanksgiving Day, indicating Chery’s support for Argentina sports undertakings. Moreover, Chery also put TIGGO5’s product ads onto Argentina’s local famous FOX Sports, so that more local consumers can experience Chery’s brand charms and Tiggo products’ sports genes, which has struck their responsive chords of the local extensive consumers who love sports.

Chery has expanded the market in Latin America for many years, andknown well about Latin American consumers’ love for sports. Chery also focuses on combining Chery’s young and vigorous brand image with the sports’ struggling, pioneering, progressive culture charms in the Latin America market. As early as the year 2013, Chery had sponsored Chile’ national soccer team. And then Chile’s national soccer team made it into the final thirty-two of 2014 Brazil World Cup. During the 2014 Brazil World Cup, Chery implemented the campaign of “seeking 12th footballer”, that is, selecting lucky vehicle owners in related markets to Brazil, and cheering for their corresponding national teams. In the end, nearly 100 vehicle owners from Iran and Latin America came to Brazil to cheer for the World Cup. In 2015, to welcome the anticipated Copa America, Chery implemented the Crazy Football online campaign on a global scale, which have been favored and accepted by global consumers.

Focusing on brand building and localized operation, Chery has implemented a series of internationalized creative marketing activities, and was widely recognized by international media and overseas consumers. In 2015, Chery planed an experience video in the Chile’s streets. The video, with unique originality and excellent advertising effect, competed at the same stage with such international famous brands as Coca-Cola, Latin America’s shopping mall “Mall Plaza”, one of Latin America’s largest telecom operators Movistar, etc., and won the gold award of “Brand Experience & Engagement” in the “EFFIE AWARDS” known as “The Oscar in Marketing Circles”. Chery also implemented some test drive activities of overseas media on a global scale, held “Tiggo Carnival” in two consecutive years, and combined global 5 million users to launch such thanksgiving feedback activities as “5 million sales, 5 surprise gifts”, etc., which have won good word of mouth and extensive reputation in the international market.

Latin America is an important market of Chery’s internationalization strategy. Through years of market operation and expansion, Chery has formed a complete mature marketing system in the Latin America market. Through advertisement putting, sports marketing and flexible innovative market activities, Chery shaped its high-end vigorous brand image successfully. In 2017, with the advent of such Chery 2.0 new-generation products as Tiggo 7, etc., Chery is certain to enhance its brand power and product powerin Latin America’s, even the world’s market.


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