13 August 2016

Chery wins Iran Digital Marketing Excellence Award

According to the source, "Iran Digital Marketing Excellence Awards" was initiated by the National Information Technology and Industry Federation of Iran.

Through online voting, locals selected enterprises with outstanding performance in digital marketing in reference with their comprehensive indicators in such aspects as social media, digital advertising, PR and media cooperation, planning and release of digital marketing content, official site and online services.

Over 800 enterprises in Iran's 30 key industrial fields entered the selection, including 15 automakers. As a result, Chery MVM ranked first among all automakers, followed by Iran's largest automaker IKCO and Toyota.

Chery entered Iran in 2004, launched models such as QQ, Fulwin and Tiggo successively, and received good response from the market.

Chery has achieved cumulative sales of over 180,000 units in Iran, and established over 150 sales and after-sales service networks, thus becoming the largest foreign automaker in Iran apart from two major Iranian brands.
As the international community has gradually lifted sanctions on Iran and the development of the Internet in Iran has accelerated in recent years, Chery MVM has made great efforts on digital marketing, with its Iranian official site, online club and official social media platforms highly recognized by local consumers.

This is another main reason why Chery topped the vehicle category of "Digital Marketing Excellence Awards" this time.



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